During in-office bleaching, a bleaching agent is applied to the outside of the tooth and the effect of the whitening gel is enhanced by a specially developed lamp. This makes it possible to lighten the enamel permanently, gently, and painlessly.

In the beginning, the original color of the teeth is recorded with a color scale.

  1. Then the patient is applied lip balm and put on goggles.
  2. Thereafter, a mouth clamp is used to protect the mucous membrane of the lips.
  3. For preparation, the gums and teeth are air-dried.
  4. Now, place a layer of the Protective rubber dam approx. 2-3 mm high along the gum line.
  5. Using a curing light, the rubber dam is cured at a distance of 0.5 – 1 cm.
  6. Apply a layer of whitening gel about 1 mm thick to the dry surface of the tooth.
  7. The LED whitening lamp is then placed at a 90 ° angle to the patient’s mouth, and the lamp head is brought as close as possible to the teeth to be treated. Once the lamp head is adjusted, the first cycle of 12 – 15 minutes is started.
  8. After completion of the first pass, the bleaching gel is aspirated or removed with cotton wool.
  9. The whitening material is applied two more times and a cycle of about 15 minutes is started so that a total of at least three cycles are performed.
  10. At the end of the last cycle, the bleaching gel is removed and the teeth are polished with a soothing paste to restore the mineral balance in the oral cavity.
  11. Finally, the new tooth color is determined with a color scale.
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