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Give the world a smile and she smiles back!
Give the world a smile and she smiles back!

A beautiful bright white and even smile is the dream of every human being. After the bombastic development of modern aesthetic dentistry almost every patient can be helped to a tooth-well-feeling, be it with the help of modern plastic ceramic masses, with veneers or all-ceramic crowns or with the help of implants.
Especially when the smile is impaired by larger fillings, cosmetically disturbing gaps or strong discolorations (eg in root canal-treated teeth), veneers are the optimal solution for recreating a healthy radiant smile.
Veneers (veneers) for the anterior maxillary and mandibular incisors are extremely filigree ceramic facets (0.5 to 0.8 mm).
When preparing the tooth, only the side of the tooth facing the lip is finely ground. Subsequently, an impression for the preparation of the ceramic bowl is made in one of our excellent and esthetically well-trained dental laboratories. The veneer is then modeled in the laboratory from a beautiful, stable ceramic mass and modeled on the shape of the tooth. In the dental office, the veneer is primarily tried on and presented to the patient. All prosthetic work in our practice is only used to the utmost pleasure of the patient.
The veneer is inserted by means of a special and technically sophisticated method, which provides a firm, non-deformable seat of the veneer on the tooth.
The veneer has a good tissue compatibility, as well as a surface, which no longer allows the attachment of coverings with appropriate cleaning.

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